Haiti Communitere is not your typical non-governmental organization, and our Volunteer Program is a reflection of that.

Volunteers develop their own experience based on their own ideas and passions either as a part of Haiti Communitere or with one of our partner organizations.

We encourage new volunteers to spend time getting to know and understand the country they have just arrived in and discover where they feel they can best place themselves to get the most out of their time with us and here in Haiti. Many of the projects that have the greatest success are the ones that are developed in-country.

Volunteers cover their own transportation and per diem costs, which are used to cover operating costs and employ several Haitian staff on base.

We need to know that you’re healthy enough to live and work in Haiti, ready and willing to work hard, and won’t face any challenge, physical or otherwise, that would inhibit your ability to work with us.

We invite anyone who is interested in volunteering with us in Port-au-Prince to get involved using the following steps:

Step 1: Do your research!

Step 2: Contact us with additional questions

Step 3: Register to volunteer

Step 4: Confirm