Partner with Philippines Communitere

At PC our core function is connection. We value partnerships and what they bring to the relief environment. There are many different areas of need post-disaster. We focus on collaborating with partners to gain a broad perspective of the overall situation so that a more comprehensive solution for the community is found.

Sustainability is the key. We define sustainability as any approach that can continue indefinitely by using local resources, the involvement and decision making of the local community, all while ensuring minimal waste.

When the people of an affected community have a better understanding of their resources and are involved in how their community is to recover, a long lasting solution is achieved.

Partner Services

  • Networking services to connect you to organizations and local communities applicable to your goals.
  • Room> and board for short and long-term stays.
  • Conference room and office spaces with continuous electricity and Internet access.
  • Locked storage spaces with 24-hour security for large quantities of supplies.
  • Fully equipped workshop (e.g. welding machine, cement mixer, table saw) with an extensive range of tools that can be borrowed for offsite projects.
  • Transportation services using our school bus.
  • Opportunities to pilot and test new projects on our base (e.g. composting toilets, alternative shelters).
  • View our Resource Center for a comprehensive list of services & resources.

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