Haiti Communitere

Located in densely populated Port-au-Prince, Haiti Communitere has been operating on the ground since the devastating 2010 earthquake, coordinating and amplifying response, relief and renewal efforts. With the expressed mission of empowering international organizations and local leaders alike by offering expertise, resources and workspaces, Haiti Communitere’s operations are centralized at our ever-growing Resource Center.

From composting toilets to sustainable green building to instruction on setting up solar power and permaculture gardens, the Resource Center focuses on providing resources, training, supplies and expertise. Because rebuilding safe housing continues to be a primary need in Haiti, the Resource Center also exhibits the country’s first straw bale home, an Earthship, a super adobe home and examples of bottle walls and aquaculture. The Center also houses a large workshop fully stocked with tools, a computer lab, a conference room, and most importantly, a dynamic space for collaboration and training. The Resource Center serves as a physical space for experts and leaders to exchange ideas, to make meaningful connections and to utilize the diverse resources made available to them.

Fundraising efforts continue; through online donations alone, Haiti Communitere has raised over $250,000.

Philippines Communitere

According to federal government estimates, Super Typhoon Haiyan – the most powerful storm ever recorded to make landfall – affected close to 14.1 million people. More than 4.1 million are still displaced. Immediately after the disaster, Communitere mobilized our global network of volunteers and partner organizations. After identifying the most critical needs as communications and logistics, our new entity, Philippines Communitere, went to work.

To ensure that the affected population had access to reliable information on aid, news about surrounding communities, missing relatives, weather updates and general news, Communitere utilized strategic partnerships to establish a Communications Resource Center (CRC), bi-daily news bulletin, public screenings and a humanitarian radio station. To resolve logistical difficulties, Communitere is currently establishing a Logistics Resource Center (LRC). This space, located in Tacloban, offers services aimed at the physical rebuilding of Tacloban including a tool “lending library,” a Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) training space, a Workshop, Innovation and Learning space and more. In addition to the development of the LRC, Communitere is continuing to build its local staff as well as its collection of tools and materials for the LRC.