Hurricane Matthew Update: Damage Report

23The death toll in Haiti as a result of Hurricane Matthew – the most powerful Caribbean storm in a decade – has soared to more than 800, according to BBC news. Some 50 people were reported killed in the town of Roche-a-Bateau alone. The nearby city of Jeremie saw 80% of its buildings leveled. In the Sud province, 30,000 homes were destroyed. With the numbers rising quickly, different government agencies and committees differed on the total death toll and information still remains murky and unclear.

HC Partners are mobilizing:
Partner organizations are starting to respond to the needs in the southwestern part of the country with search and rescue, medical and sanitation supplies and food and water. Haiti Communitere is open for business and will serve as a hub for staging and coordinating supplies being transported to the Sud region in southwest Haiti.

Our partners Bahamas Habitat already have a plane in the air and it will be doing shuttle runs from Haiti Communitere in Port au Prince to Les Cayes and some other smaller airports out west through the weekend starting Saturday morning.

If you or your organization is interested in using Haiti Communitere as your base of operations please check here for a full list of services provided on base. For an immediate response please fill out this form to apply for space at Haiti Communitere.