Philippines Communitere was established after Super Typhoon Haiyan made landfall in late 2013, affecting over 14.1 million people. Modeled after the highly successful Haiti Communitere, Philippines Communitere works to help Filipino and International groups operate together to maximize capacity and streamline logistical operations.
In the early days after Haiyan, Communitere mobilized our global network of volunteers and partner organizations and, after identifying the most critical needs, our new entity, Philippines Communitere, went to work. Now, after working with the local community closely since the disaster, we have established a Resource Center patterned after our Center in Port-au-Prince. From our base in Tacloban, Philippines Communitere continues to respond to needs not being addressed on the ground and providing the space, resources and education to help local and International groups work creatively and cooperatively.


The Resource Center at Philippines Communitere was patterned after the successful model built by sister organization, Haiti Communitere. The Resource Center is committed to a “maker ethic” and has proven to be a valuable resource for community members and international organizations alike, giving them space where they can work, share ideas, collaborate and experiment with projects that are designed to improve their lives and their community. The Resource Center offers a unique opportunity for individuals and groups to come together, engage with each other and enrich the community with ideas, skills and a shared purpose.
The Resource Center at Philippines Communitere features a tool lending library, a well-equipped workshop space, a “Makerspace,” a computer lab featuring 3D printing facilities, co-working offices, a training center and a conference hall.


The Tool Lending Library is a key feature of the Resource Center. It is a community-run resource which allows members – both local and international – to borrow tools to facilitate their projects. The space features tools for woodworking, furniture building, metal fabrication, 3D printing, mechanical projects and more.


Philippines Communitere is proud to have created the first Makerspace in the Philippines. Because Typhoon Haiyan left many Taclobanis with no livelihood, there was a great need to teach new, employable skills. The Makerspace fills this need. Now, community members with valuable, inspiring ideas and talents have the space, tools, training, resources and other support they need to pursue them.
In addition, we have created an innovative Maker-to-Maker program at Philippines Communitere. The Maker-to-Maker program matches local makers with other highly skilled makers around the world who have the heart and the desire to help those impacted by the disaster. When these two motivated and creative communities get together, magic happens. Nurturing, enriching long distance partnerships are created and bridges are built between communities around the world as these makers work together and learn from one another.